Top 10 Ideas to Propose in Bali

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If you love someone that much that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person together, then it might occur to you to ask the big question. If this happens to you, you want to ask someone to marry you most romantically and in the most unique way possible. There is no better place to do that than Bali. With a small breeze, you look each other in the eye, while the warm but pleasant sun makes the ring shine, and makes your partner smile from ear to ear.

Well, if you have always dreamed of on a sandy beach, in a lush jungle, on a dramatic cliffside overlooking crashing waves, or even in an emerald green rice paddy, all of those are actually doable on this island. Here, we have compiled some best spots in Bali to pop up that question.

Snorkelling at Menjangan Island

A short 10-minute boat trip from the mainland of Bali away, Menjangan Island is located. Together you can swim through clear blue water here. While snorkelling you look out over an admirable old ship and while you swim through the most beautiful coral reefs, you will be accompanied by cute finding Nemo fish. From everything your eyes see here, you already feel a few butterflies fluttering in your belly. So you probably feel completely magical if you ask the question

At The Famous Swing

while you swing gently in the famous swing together, you already get light jitters in your stomach because of the height and the irresistible view. At that moment the world will be literally at your feet. With the jungle beneath you, you can now safely secure yourself in the arms of your Tarzan.

Cooking Class

They say that love goes through the stomach, right? Some restaurants offer private cooking classes, so here you and your sweetheart can enjoy from each other and all the traditional food that you will prepare. And besides, an Indonesian cooking class is also fun, educational, and pretty amazing to do! During the lesson, you often make several courses and eat them together afterwards. After all that hard work, you have certainly earned all that delicious food and wine.

Sunset at Uluwatu Temple Proposal

Sitting on the wall of the Uluwatu Temple, your partner and you, surrounded by the sea, can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of Bali. At this place, you can philosophize about life and the future, while your eyes are being pampered. For a perfect night, it\u2019s advisable to check the weather before you go in advance for rain. If the weather is good, you probably already feel intense feelings. Your partner cannot say no at this idyllic place!

Natural View

The lush and terraced rice field provide a beautiful and unique backdrop for your down-on-one-knee moment. A simple trick of asking the question at the right time when the sun is going down would work just fine. Draped by a majestic lush rice field setting, you can embrace the mix sensation of romance, exotic and culture; a combination that you can hardly find on this island.

Helicopter Marriage Proposal Flight

Ask your partner for a short trip with a helicopter. As you hover on the island, the pilot will take you to a spot that you have prepared where Will You Marry Me? has written on the sand. This idea may cost a bit much, but definitely worth every dime.

In the Middle of the Ocean

Take your bride-to-be to a voyage through the blue ocean for the freedom feeling over the endless horizon. Rent a yacht for a 3-hour trip and sail away until sunset. You can expect an evening of romance before popping that big proposal.

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