How to Attract More Visitors to Your Luxury Resort by Having Professional Videographer & Photographer

It’s no doubt that the competition has become more fierce now when it comes to attracting new visitors to the resort and hotel.

It takes extra effort to scale up your business. Therefore, hiring the best designer and building the most luxurious resort isn’t enough.

You also need to market it and let the world know how worthy the experience in your luxury resort will be.

But before you put it out, it’s important to have the best content that represents your brand.

Here’s why finding the best photographer and videographer is a non-negotiable process

People care more about the image of your resort from their phones. You could type all the descriptions you want but if the pictures aren’t promising enough, they won’t click that “book this now” button.

So that’s why it’s a non-negotiable for you to have a professional videographer and photographer to help you with your goal.

Fortunately, you can always rely on the Light Key Photography team when it comes to this.

Not only they’ve been in this field for years, but they can easily understand your need. 

Want cinematic drone footage for your Instagram page? They’re on it.

Want a bunch of shots that make your luxury resort even more luxurious? They have the perfect package for it.

There are many big hotels and resorts that trust their service for years and it’s undoubtful that they know what they’re doing in the industry.

Working on your social media is just as important

Once you get the perfect pictures and videos that you need from the professional, it’s time to make the next move.

There’s no need to wait for “the right timing”.

Some resorts and hotel owners think they need to have specific events first to promote their offers. That’s why you might see a lack of customers on regular days.

You need to build a community — not just one-time visitors.

Because when you build a community that genuinely likes to stay in your resort or hotels, it’ll become recurring customers whom you don’t need to do heavy marketing anymore in the future.

The best social media platform you can use for now is still Instagram. It gives you the freedom to market your property in any format you like.

So, any footage that you got from your photographer and videographer will all be useful.

Keeping your content updated so there are always new visitors coming in 

You probably notice that some of the most luxurious resorts out there keep attracting new visitors every year even if they do little to nothing changes to the building.

The secret is to get new pictures and videos from every angle so that it always looks fresh.

That’s why going to a professional photographer and videographer that know your needs are crucial. It’s not just one time but a long-term partnership.

It helps lessen your stress in keeping up with your social media content. And that’s what the Light Key Photography team will provide.

As they’ve been so familiar with all creative processes in creating the most cinematic video/pictures, there’s nothing else you need to worry about other than working on your social media presence.

If you have any questions about what services Light Key Photography can provide, feel free to contact us here

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