Luxury Hotel Photography & Videography. Why every Resort and Hotel needs Professional Hotel Imagery…

Branding is way more than a single logo. From the dream through to the story: Light Key Photography tap into your identity to build superlative value beyond your beds and tables. That’s how they assist each of their clients, by providing consistency throughout the imagery, which in turn builds a prodigious fan base.

A luxury hotel has a beautiful lobby, the reception is expertly run, the rooms have neatly made beds and there are perfectly set tables in each restaurant. Professional photography involves more than just taking a few nice images of these. A good hotel photographer captures the magical feeling of staying at the hotel and brings it to life. By knowing the right technics and tools, their photographers ensure natural lightning is used as much as possible where needed, and each image then evokes positive feelings.

In order to grow your occupancy, hotels and resorts need to attract new guests and encourage guests to return – what better way to do this than by setting up a full atmospheric customer experience online? This is the resort or hotel’s first point of contact with each guest, so creating an amazing set of images, gallery and library should be among the top requisites for each hotel’s ‘guest growth’ chart.

This is what they do at Light Key Photography – full photographic and video , including drone footage and event photography and videography, even portraiture is in their “toolbox”, should guests want a professional holiday photo album of their stay.

Contact Kadek Jian to book and appointment, or to chat about their services and your needs.

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