6 Things To Know Before Traveling to Bali

It’s without a doubt that Bali is one of the best places to go for a vacation. Be it short or long term, it has so much to offer that, at the same time, it won’t break your bank.
With affordable food to eat and a place to stay, it’s also important to note a few things before you book your flight to Bali.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in and out of Bali either for vacation or work. However, the basic knowledge of staying there remains the same.

Here are some top recommendations and tips for your Bali travel:

1. Make Use of Facebook Marketplace

Here in Bali, people advertise and do lots of activities on Facebook Marketplace. If you’re looking for a place to stay with all types of villa/homes, I highly recommend checking them out through the Marketplace.

It’s not rare that people offer lots of discounts during the pandemic. You can also negotiate right away with the advertiser. Most times, they’re willing to give you the best deals if you plan to stay for a longer time.

I love the platform because it’s updated continuously. There are so many aesthetic villas perfect for a staycation. Even if it’s not available, you can always request the person in charge to contact you when it’s ready.

2. Go Around With a Motorbike

Taxis are expensive here, so if you know how to ride a motorbike and have a license, renting one will be so much cheaper. Depending on what type of bikes you want to get, it shouldn’t cost you more than $50 per day.

A quick tip if you plan to stay in Bali for months, then it’s best to rent it on a monthly basis rather than doing it weekly. That way you can save your money on other things. When riding a motorbike, you need to put on a helmet at all times. I know this is a basic thing, but many foreigners here avoid doing it, which results in them having accidents on the street.

3. Be Careful While in ATMs

Not all ATMs in Bali can accept debit/credit cards from abroad. So you need to be more careful in checking it first whether they have the Mastercard/Visa logo because the last thing you want to happen is losing your card in it.
I’ve done it once, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Having a backup card in case things like this happen is important.

Aside from that, the fee might differ for each bank. So make sure you’re aware of that too. So when taking out cash, it’s best to do it in bulk because if you go to ATMs for every $100 you need, then the fee will be high.

4. Check the Season Before You Go

This is the main mistake many tourists tend to make. They’re already with their exciting itinerary, only to find out that it’s a heavy rainy season. So all plans were canceled, and they’re stuck in the villa.

To avoid this happening to you, check the weather before you fly to Bali. Though it’s a bit unpredictable, mostly it’s going to rain a lot during the end of the year, such as October — December.

You’d want to be aware of the season, especially when you’re an outdoor person.

5. Learn a Few Basics of Bahasa

You don’t have to be fluent in Bahasa, but knowing the basics will become very handy when you’re in Bali. Not everyone can speak English, especially when you go to a remote place such as Nusa Penida.

The other reason you need to learn Bahasa is to avoid getting scammed. It’s common here that tourists tend to get charged more (and sometimes even too much than the actual price).

So even with little knowledge in speaking Bahasa, you can bargain with the seller. It also makes communication with locals so much easier in general.

6. Book Everything in Advance

With the current pandemic situation in Bali, it’s easy for tourists to get charged more. Everything becomes much more expensive when you don’t book it in advance.

This isn’t just for the hotel/villa to stay, but small things such as ticket boats to Nusa Penida. If it’s possible to book it online, then do it. At the same time, it’s safer and guaranteed.

If you aren’t sure where to book tickets and other things, you can always check out some sites such as Traveloka, where they have pretty much everything you need for your Bali trip.

Parting Words

Overall, traveling to Bali wouldn’t feel complete when you don’t learn the local’s culture. Staying connected with them will make your time here more enjoyable.

Especially during this pandemic where everything is constantly changing, being friends and knowing some locals can be a good thing.

With all of the beautiful places on the island, you don’t want to miss capturing those moments too. With that being said, it might be worth it to hire a photographer, especially when you want to create those Instagrammable pictures.

And Light Key Photography can provide you with that. With many clients in different areas, it’s easier to help you find your unique photo style while in Bali.

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