Agrapana Hotel

Hire a professional photographer 

Nowadays a lot of companies use professional hotel photographers in Bali. To stand out in the market, it is important to hire one yourself, to present convincing photos to the customers. Whether you need photos of your hotel for a booking site, brochures, advertising, or in-house publications, they must have the perfect look and be universal. Professional hotel photographers therefore always provide images that have high quality and the perfect harmony between light and shadow, saturation and colour optimization.

Light Key Photography is a Bali based team of talented photographers with initiative, creativity, and passion in delivering the best shoot for various interests, covering Fashion, Food, Wedding, Event, Corporate, Product, Family and more. However, they are specializing in interiors & architecture (villa hotels and resorts). The owner, Made Dwija Putra, has 12 years of commercial photography expertise, as well as 2 years of wedding photography experience in the United States and Dubai.